Upgrade BizTalk 2010 Dev version to Biztalk 2013 Enterprise.


I was asked from one of my team mates and senior colleague to do the upgrade for BizTalk server from BizTalk 2010 Dev edition to BizTalk 2013 Enterprise edition. It is very simple and easy to upgrade BizTalk 2010 Dev to BizTalk 2013 Enterprise edition.

Below are the pre-requisites to do this upgrade.

1- Make sure we have SQL Server 2008 R2 service pack 1 or higher install on the machine.

2- If we are doing the upgrade of BizTalk 2010 Dev version, which already had Visual Studio 2010 install, you need to install visual studio 2012. Actually, this is done in order to install all the BizTalk developer tools to visual studio 2012.

3- Stop services like – Rules Engine update service, IIS Admin Service and stop WWW.

4- Back up all the BT databases – just in case.

5- Run the BizTalk 2013 setup until completion.

6- After Installation – It will create Microsoft BizTalk 2013 folder in the Start folder but the upgrade will not change the file system folder to Microsoft BizTalk 2013. Also noted that the customized  pipeline components and other messaging components are intact.

7- Check the version number in the Registry.


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