Working with SFTP Adapter BizTalk 2013

The new BizTalk 2013 release will have its own SFTP adapter to connect to SFTP Servers. This facility was not available in previous version and we need to use the third party SFTP adapter from Codeplex or nSoftware and cost $$. Microsoft had included SFTP adapter in the BizTalk 2013 release. I started using it for one of the client, though it has some limitation but going forward Microsoft might improve and add more features to SFTP Adapter.

Follow the below step to set up SFTP connection.

1- Open BizTalk admin console.
2- Browse to adapters – SFTP – Add receive/send handlers.
3- Add one way receive location. Select SFTP adapter from the type drop down.
4- Click on configuration.
5- The configuration window looks like the below.
Below is the description for each SFTP adapter property.
a- ConnectionLimit – Default set to 5. Maximum number of concurrent SFTP connections that can be opened to SFTP Server. A value of 0 means no limit and connection polling is turned on.
2- Polling.
a-PollingInterval – 0 – specify the poll interval.
b-Unit – Seconds. Indicates the Unit Of Time of the poll interval.
This mean the adapter will poll the SFTP server at 0 seconds. You can limit the adapter polling by increasing the polling interval or changing the unit to Minutes/Hours/days.
a-AcceptAnySSHServerHostKey – “False/True”. Determines if any SSH public host key fingerprint from the server should have accepted.
b-ClientAuthenticationMode – Password/PublicKeyAuthentication. The Authentication method to be used for authenticating the client to the SSH Server. You can set either Password or Public key authentication.
c- Password – Specify the password for SFTP Server. This is required if you Password authentication is selected. (It can also be required when PublicKeyAuthentication is selected).
d-PrivateKey – Specify the private key of the user. Add the full path of the private key only when PublicKeyAuthentication is selected.
e-PrivateKeyPassword – Specify the password if the user’s private key is password protected. Add password for private key only when PublicKeyAuthentication is selected.
f-SSHServerHostKeyFingerPrint- Specify the fingerprint of the public host key for the SSH Server. Add the SSHServer Host Key FingerPrint generated while creating a private key, only when AcceptAnySSHServerHostKey is set to false.
g- UserName – Specify the user name to log into the SFTP Server.
4-SSH Server
a- FileMask – The file type to use when retrieving files.
b- FolderPath – Specify the folder on the SFTP server where the files get uploaded.
c- Port – 22 – Specify the port number for this SFTP Server.
d- ServerAddress – Specify the machine name or IP address of the SFTP Server.

I’m glad to use the SFTP adapter without worrying about the extra $$ and extra installation on the BizTalk server. There is known issue with the BizTalk 2013 out of box SFTP adapter. Please refer to the below post

4 thoughts on “Working with SFTP Adapter BizTalk 2013

  1. i have been using a codeplex version for the SFTP adapter, and I am able to get this to work with a dymanic send port that is configured at runtime. I would assume the same is doable with the Native Biztalk 2013 SFTP adapter. where do I find this documentation… thanks

    • Hi Bernie, Thanks for the email.
      I didn’t come across any document to configure SFTP server, although it is very easy to configure. You will get all the description of the field in my post. If you have any trouble with configuration, please flick me a post on here.
      Many thanks.

  2. Thanks for the post . im using the SFTP adapter of Codeplex but we are facing issues that adapter is picking the file very slowly . and i see the adapter setting different in 2013. is teh codeplex adapter has these issues or im missing any setting . I have double checked the setting on SFTP adapter as its timely schedule with one minute. but its still long time to pick. after restart of port it works again . please help

    • Hi Muqeem,
      Thank you foe the email. Well..I haven’t come across the late picking of the files using CodePlex SFTP adapter. Can you check any error or warning messages in the Event log? How large is the file? I beleive you might need to debug the codeplex sftp adapter code, alternatively if you are still not able to resolve this, then you might need to purchase some available BT SFTP adapter in the market. What version of BizTalk are you using? Is there any chance to upgrade to BT2013? If so, then you can use the inbuilt BT SFTP adapter supported by Microsoft.

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